Journalist Rohini Singh’s response on Jay Shah’s lawsuit threat

Journalist Rohini Singh’s response on Jay Shah’s lawsuit threat
Journalist Rohini Singh’s response on Jay Shah’s lawsuit threat
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Journalist Rohini Singh response Jay Shah

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Responding to Jay Shah’s lawsuit and online trolls, Journalist Rohini Singh from The Wire who broke the investigative story of Jay Shah’s miraculous revenue jump, posted on Facebook saying that her primary job “is to speak truth to power.”

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After The Wire published an article questioning transactions made by Jay Shah’s firm. Jay said that he would sue The Wire, its Editor and their reporter Rohini Singh for Rs 100 crores.

Following is her full Facebook post:
“I don’t want to write a sanctimonious status note on what other journalists should do. I can only speak for myself. My primary job is to speak truth to power. To question the government of the day. In 2011 when I wrote the story on Robert Vadra’s dealings with DLF, I don’t remember the sort of backlash that I see now. There were no ‘only whatsapp or FaceTime audio from now’ sort of messages from sources. No seeking to shift the location of meetings to cafes resembling dungeons! A person close to a senior BJP leader brags our call record details are with the party bosses. (Good for them, I say!;)) And of course the low level slander campaign online.

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Intimidation and harassment are tools often used by powerful people to get journalists to toe the line. As someone famously once said and I paraphrase, news is something someone wants to suppress, everything else is advertising. I don’t know about others but I don’t wish to lose focus of that. I would rather quit journalism than do the sort of reportage that I see often around me. Many of you have been extremely kind to me and are investing me with qualities I probably don’t have. I don’t do the sort of stories I do because I am ‘ brave’. I do them because that’s journalism and not bravery.”

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