Kamal Haasan ‘Right-wing groups can’t deny existence of Hindu terrorism’

Kamal Haasan Right wing terrorism
Kamal Haasan Right wing terrorism
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Kamal Haasan, Tamil megastar has said about Hindu right-wing groups that they could not disagree for the existence of Hindu terror any more.

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In his column, Tamil weekly news magazine, the famous star said “The right wing cannot challenge talk of Hindu terrorists because terror has spread into their camp as well. In the past, Hindu, right-wing groups would not indulge in violence. They would hold a dialogue with opponents. But now they resort to violence.”

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Haasan also added, “Hindus are losing faith in ‘satyameva jayate‘ and instead subscribing to ‘might is right’.”

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Senior Political analysts says that the latest one,a bold stand by Haasan will help him occupy the vacant space in politics in India and Tamil Nadu .

Associate Editor ,RK Radhakrishnan, Frontline was quoted by News18.“I believe Kamal is trying to occupy the considerable anti-Hindutva space in Tamil Nadu vacated by a docile AIADMK and a confused DMK,”.

His comments induced heated response from RSS supporters. Rakesh Sinha, an RSS ideologue, urged for justification from the actor, Haasan.

“Kamal Haasan must apologize for hurting Hindu civilization, defaming it, trying to create provocation for his petty political end,” Sinha tweeted.

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Haasan has made it luminous that his color wouldn’t be ‘saffron.’ Indicating that his new political outfit will be anti-right. The actor has earlier made his plan to enter politics.

For supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization announcement last November the actor had recently apologized. The 62-year-old actor, who has declared his plan to drift a new political party, wrote, “If the PM accepts his mistake, my salaam (salute) awaits him.”

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