We didn’t give Kashmiri youth anything in 70 years: BJP Minister

Kashmiri youth Demands
Kashmiri youth Demands
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Srinagar. Minister of State and BJP Leader Priya Sethi Saturday accepted that Government of India had for the past 70 years failed to give Kashmiri youth anything.

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“What have we given to the youth of Kashmir? We gave nothing to them for the past 70 years,” Sethi, the MoS for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Horticulture, Floriculture said delivering the special address of the ‘Jammu and Kashmir Conclave: Prospects for Economy and Role of Youth’ organised by a New Delhi-based socio-economic consulting company, BRIEF.

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Adviser to the Chief Minister, Amitabh Mattoo in his closing remarks on the way forward said knowledge is the future of Jammu Kashmir and would be the future economics of Jammu Kashmir.

“Our urgent requirement is to completely overhaul the entire education system,” he said and gave examples of how a Ladakhi engineer, Sonam Wangchuk and Sabbah Haji of Doda were changing it by showing everyone their ability to put the knowledge to use in a creative manner.

“Similarly, Kashmiri handicrafts can be supported as a boutique industry,” Mattoo said.
He said Kashmir’s tourism industry was dependent on the vagaries of political climate in Jammu Kashmir.

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