Rahul Gandhi asks PM Modi to bring Nirav back on his next foreign trip

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Rahul Gandhi asks PM Modi to bring Nirav back on his next foreign trip

Congress president Rahul Gandhi mocked Prime Minister again and asked him to bring Nirav back to India while returning from one of his foreign trips.

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Rahul Gandhi in a campaign for Meghalaya Assembly election said: “I would like to request Modi to bring back another Modi while returning from one of his many foreign trips.”

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Gandhi made a comparison between two Modi’s saying one Modi sold diamonds. which are the stuff, he said dreams are made of. One can say he sold dreams to many people. And another Modi sold dreams to the people of India, a few years ago. Dreams of creating two crore jobs, Rs 15 lakhs in everyone’s bank account, dreams of ‘achche din’, and so on. All of those were a dream only.

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People had faith once in Modi government because of their grand promises. A promise of giving jobs to the deserved people. A promise of ‘achche din’, which never came, Rahul Gandhi said.

Adding which he said, with the examples like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya it is clear that Modi government is not trying to remove corruption. But it is actively taking part in the corruption.

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