Tricolor as farewell gift and wish for Super Power for India is the new trend among Hajis

Tricolor for Hajis
Tricolor for Hajis
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Bahraich: Tricolor in hands as farewell gift and the wish of making India as super power was witnessed during Haj depart facilitation programme here. A group of Indian Hajis run off to Lucknow to catch the flight to Medina for the fifth most scared Islamic ritual Haj.

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Young leader of the group Shujaat Ali Quadri also National General Secretary of India’s largest Muslim Students Organisation of India taken Indian Flag as farewell gift from the locals where he relinquish the first group from the region as Hajis towards Lucknow to hold the flight for Medina.

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The idea of handling over the tricolor and open ‘duaa’ (wish) on the leaving place was floated by Shujaat and the same was performed by Qari Arshad Raza, Prinicipal of local madrassa Wahidul Uloom. “We wish for a super power, stronger, co existent, liberal India here today and ask every to be Haji to make duaa during four week long ritual of Haj at Makkah and Madina ” Shujaat told.

“We feel there is peace and co existence is the core foundation of Indian social structure and we wish for a firm foundation of the same.”

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Haji Shabbir of famous Shabnam Medical store and a second time to be Haji ask reporters here before leaving. Arshad Raza ask every Haji to be religious during four week sacrament of Haj and yearning for a stronger India. Prominent figure Labi Khan, Iqbal Ahmed and Maulana Noor Muhammed Misbahi were present during the farewell gathering.

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