Things Your Roommate Does That Drive You Absolutely Crazy

Your Roommate Does That Drive You Absolutely Crazy
Your Roommate Does That Drive You Absolutely Crazy
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Contrary to popular belief, living in a dorm or a hostel isn’t always sparkles and fairy dust. Although, you get to enjoy immense freedom on account of being away from home, there is no guarantee that the roommates you get are going to be all civilized and quiet. There are some who can be really infuriating with their loud and unhygienic habits. However, it is always advisable to keep your cool in such situations and be the gentle soul that you are.
Here are some of the most annoying things your roommate does that drive you nuts:

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1. When you are sleeping at night but your roommate needs to Skype/facetime their family or significant other and lowering their goddamn volume isn’t something they have heard of.

2. When they put everything they don’t plan on eating inside the fridge and never bother to take it out even when it is stale and the entire room starts smelling like a garbage can.

3. When they insist on narrating their day’s events in one go even though they can see you are clearly not interested and even have your headphones on.

4. When they think they are Nazia Hassan but actually have an annoyingly loud voice and insist on showing their skills despite the fact that you are studying and have an exam tomorrow.

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5. When they think it’s your duty to get the room cleaned every other weekend just because you did that one time three months ago.

6. When you are on phone with someone important and they decide to just run around screaming for no reason.

7. When they talk to their significant other in weird baby language in front of you. Like come on, keep your personal stuff to yourself, mate.

8. When they think being on a period gives them the license to be mean to you.
Goddamn it sister, I get them too.

9. When they lock the room and take the keys even though they could see all your stuff and even your keys lying openly on your bed while you went out to get a glass of water.

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10. When they lose their keys and ask you to come back from the other corner of the city to open that goddamn door for them.

11. When they think it is okay to keep the lights on when you are trying to sleep.

Roomates, na din ko chaen, na raat ko.

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