Does Nagpur really need a Metro?

Nagpur metro
Nagpur metro
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So far as the Metro is concerned Nagpur is presently a pretty small City that it would require Metro rail for its people to commute. The radius of Nagpur city is merely 7 to 8 kilometres, that means a person if is in the centre of the city will have to travel just 7 to 8 km in any direction to get out of the city. In my opinion, Nagpur Metro is a total waste of money for such a small and not so fast growing city. Spending such a huge amount of ₹ 10526 crores which does not include the escalation cost of the project and also the cost of compensation towards the acquisition of land required for the project, the project is not worth at all.
And what are we getting out of the project after such a spending such a huge amount?
Just a 3 coach Mono Rail covering a distance of just 15 to 20 kilometres on each of the two routes.

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Cost of Travel :- The question arises is whether travelling by metro would be affordable or not?
Metro will charge minimum ₹15 for 2 km and the maximum of rupees ₹39 for travelling about 15 to 18 kilometres. By that cost a person will have to pay about ₹80 for travelling to and fro a distance of 15 km (i.e. 30 km to and fro). Moreover that doesn’t include the cost of reaching the station from starting point, reaching the destination after arrival at final metro station, from destination back to metro station and from metro station to the starting point. Estimated auto/rikshaw charges@ Nagpur for these 4 trips would be not less than than ₹120- ₹150.
Now if I take a two wheeler and travel about 30 kilometres it would cost me about ₹40 for two people that is ₹20 each. It would be an hassle free ride and I will reach the destination directly without any stops and change in Mode of transport. And it would cost me just ₹20 if I am double seat or ₹40 if I am riding alone.
So cost wise Metro is a big failure for Nagpur city

#Travel_Time :- The average speed of Nagpur metro is just 30-35 km per hour and if I calculate the time taken in the auto to reach my destination I would probably reach my destination within half time taken if I travel by metro.
So time wise Metro is a not affordable.

#Convienience :- So far is convenience is concerned it would be far more inconvenient as compared to using a two wheeler or four wheeler. Had it been a big city where the distances are more than 40-50 km Metro would have been of use. Moreover if we use a two wheeler or four wheeler for travel we can get many other / things/works done which fall in our route or near to our route.

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Nagpur Metro was a project conceptualised by Congress Government and it was to run parallel with the Mihan. Congress was planning to launch the Nagpur Metro project at such a time that the Nagpur Metro project would be completed along with the completion of Mihan. However as the project mihan did not take off. Congress did no haste in launching Nagpur Metro project as it was bound to fail being Pre-mature and did not want to waste public money on a not so urgently required project. There are several other important things where the Government needs to spend money. ₹10000 crores is a big money and needs to be spent very cautiously. ₹10000 crores is such a huge amount that it could change the face of entire Vidarbha.

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But the BJP government was in a haste to show that they are doing some work and hence without going into the necessity and without calculating the rate of growth of Nagpur city after the failure of Mihaan project, just for the sake of making money out of this big project, started this project in a haste. Thousands of crores of our taxpayer money, our hard earned money which we pay to the government by way of taxes is being wasted for in not-so-necessary project whereas such a huge amount could have been properly utilised for the betterment of entire Vidarbha.

So I would say to the BJP Government, Mr Devendra fadnavis, Mr Nitin Gadkari, no ullu banaving in the name of #Nagpur_Metro and in the name of Development.

Article by Advocate Akshay Samarth.

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