Hurricane Matthew shatters Haiti; 1,000 feared dead

HAITI The Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Sandy passed to the west of Haiti October 25, 2012 causing heay rains and winds, flooding homes and overflowing rivers. Photo Logan Abassi UN/MINUSTAH
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HAITI: The Hurricane Matthew, the most brutal Caribbean storm in nearly a decade, battered the coasts of Haiti, on October 3, whipping it with 233 km per hour winds and torrential rains.

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The precise death toll from the storm remained uncertain. The official death toll from the country’s central civil protection agency is 336, a slower count because officials must visit each village to confirm the numbers. A tally of death reported by mayors from 15 of 18 municipalities in Sud Department on the south side of the peninsula showed 386 people there. In the rest of the country, 92 people died, the same tally showed. New agency Reuters on Monday put the tally of numbers at 1,000, quoting local officials, adding that authorities had to resort to mass burials to avoid decomposition.

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Devastated corners of the country are facing a public health crisis as cholera gallops through rural communities lacking clean water, food and shelter. The widespread flooding unleashed by Matthew has made the ongoing cholera outbreak, that has already killed roughly 10,000 people and sickened more than 800,000 since 2010, in the country worse.

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