Mosul Christians free to celebrate Christmas after ISIS defeat

After ISIS was expelled from the city earlier this year, the Christians of Mosul are now able to freely and publicly celebrate Christmas. Many of the Christian residents fled the city after the ISIS invasion in 2014.

Celebrate Christmas after ISIS defeat
Iraqi priests lead the prayers during a Christmas mass at the Saint Paul's church in Mosul, today Photo Credit: EPA-EFE
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Christians in Iraq’s second-largest city began celebrating Christmas for the first time in four years on Sunday. In 2014, ISIS invaded Mosul, prompting many of the city’s Christians to flee due to persecution. They returned only a few months ago after the Iraqi forces announced their victory over the murderous terrorist group in the city.

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According to AFP, Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako from Iraq’s Chaldean Catholic Church called today on worshipers to pray for peace and stability not just in Mosul but in the entire world. “With this mass, we’re sending a message of peace and love, because Christ is the messenger of peace,” he told AFP.

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